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A Look at Our Preconstruction Services

Our pre-construction services help clients make informed decisions in the early design and planning stages. Expert inputs from our team have helped top-tier hotel chains, including Hilton Hotels & Resorts and Marriott International, Inc. determine project feasibility and maximize project value.

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Constructability Review

Over two decades of consulting with established hotels, we can say that an effective constructability review isn’t only about focusing on the problems, but reviewing construction projects thoroughly, considering various systems at their center and perimeter, and keeping the review constructive.

Generally, it’s difficult for reviews to be completed and incorporated in design documents in time for a bid. Moreover, as design schedules and bidding periods are typically short, a constructability review tends to be brief, often no more than 2 to 3 days. The reviewer has only so much time to do a deep dive into the project.

Our extensive knowledge and rich experience allow us a quicker understanding of construction documents to correctly plan for the difficult scope of work. Discovering and addressing problems at an early stage can save your project several hours once in motion, and this is vital to its overall success.

Value Engineering

We also offer value engineering as part of our pre-construction services for the hospitality industry. Our team leverages historical cost data and experience-driven insights to provide recommendations on the feasibility of construction methods, availability of materials and labor, procurement and installation of systems and equipment, and other aspects factoring into project costs. Our ultimate goal is to enhance value while optimizing cost.

At Comren, value engineering is carried out in five steps:

  • Information-gathering: We request all project details that can be supplied at the early stage of the project, including your objectives and definition of value.
  • Estimating: We examine the data and put forth different ways to lower the initial and lifecycle costs of the project while maintaining quality and function.
  • Assessing: We dig deeper into the ideas in our brainstorming sessions. Unworkable ideas are discarded and feasible ideas are retained.
  • Developing: The chosen ideas are developed into workable proposals. Every proposal is briefly explained, along with the pros and cons, and cost comparisons.
  • Presenting: We share the formal proposals with you. At this point, you can consult with your team to decide which proposals can add the most value to your project.

Budget Management

Cost control is a part of value engineering, and it is important to ensure that project briefs and project budgets do not disunite over time. Comren has helped major top-tier hotels establish their budget for large-scale renovations.

Our team compares your projected costs with that of similar projects, assesses the projected income and expenses through the project lifecycle, and validates that the costs are correct to ensure the successful completion of the project within the anticipated schedule and fund allocation.

Leverages our cost analysis experience to correctly determine the feasibility of your project based on budget, timeline, and materials.


Another focus of value engineering is scheduling to define and outline the duration of construction activities. After a thorough assessment, our team determines whether your project can be completed within the envisioned timeline, what kind of delays it may encounter, and forwards recommendations on reducing risk and improving efficiency across the project lifecycle.

Quantity Takeoff

We produce takeoffs to ensure the profitability of your project. Our team provides a list of the materials necessary for project completion, their required amounts, and associated costs. We use our experience-driven skills as well as digital estimation software to produce quantity takeoffs.

Site Logistics

Our logistics planning keeps your construction site productive, manages waste, ensures the efficient movement of people and vehicles around the site, and ensures minimal disruption to surrounding areas. We provide a full review of how logistics will be managed to support the successful delivery of your project.

Our Strengths

  • A valued partner to recognized names in the business
  • Over 28 years of experience in hotel renovations and tenant improvements
  • A deep understanding of flexible, innovative and accessible design & construction
  • Quickly update in response to new technologies, tools, and processes

For an estimate or more information on our pre-construction services, please reach us via phone or fill our online form. Maximize efficiency and minimize construction time with us.