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We help you on the path to ADA compliance

If you’re planning for a guest room renovation or tenant improvement, you need a knowledgeable Certified Access Specialist (CASp) by your side to assist with Hotel ADA California requirements. Comren has an in-house Certified Access Specialist (CASp) to help you through the process.

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Hotel ADA California
Hotel ADA California
Hotel ADA California
Hotel ADA California

Accessible guest rooms can have a positive impact on your hotel’s bottom line

One in four American adults or about 61 million Americans are living with disabilities. Most are motivated to live active lives and are, therefore, potential customers. You have the opportunity to cater to this segment of customers and their families and friends. By providing a safe and comfortable experience, you can raise your hotel’s profile through positive word of mouth. If you’re an established name, your continued commitment to accessibility at franchises can strengthen customer loyalty and patronage.

ADA Title III lawsuits are on the rise

Hotel owners and operators are increasingly facing the pressure of Title III (access to public accommodation) lawsuits. Title III requires you to remove all architectural and structural barriers to improve accessibility if such removals can be readily achieved. A guest who is denied full or equal access, including experiencing difficulty, discomfort, or embarrassment because of the violation, can bring a lawsuit against your hotel. If you’re found liable, you will be required to pay the plaintiff’s attorney fees in addition to statutory damages.

If you’re not proactive about conducting your property’s ADA assessment, you may lose the legal benefits of SB 1608 Disability Access Law Reform, which provides proof that your property has been surveyed by an expert in disability access law. The legal and settlement costs can impair your bottom line and cause some reputational damage.

Comren - Continued Reliability and Accountability

Our CASp provides inspections and reports for your hotel property. We can take you through California’s accessibility regulations, ADA standards, and other applicable laws. Conduct a thorough and accurate evaluation of accessibility at your property to make informed decisions that improve guest satisfaction, ensure regulatory compliance, and deliver a good return on your guest room or property remodeling.

Comren has helped hundreds of properties become compliant with federal and state codes, safeguarding them against costly fines arising from Hotel ADA California violations. Many of our clients have chosen to act responsibly towards early risk, addressing critical problems before they arise, and performing appropriate remediation in the early stages of the construction lifecycle.

Our ADA Consulting Services

We offer our expertise at all stages of construction. Our CASp provides a comprehensive report identifying non-compliant items along with recommendations and a schedule for a timeline of ADA compliance improvements and upgrades. In case your property is ADA-compliant, our report will state that it “meets applicable standards.”

Hotel ADA is a sum of many parts, from accessibility surveys, pre-lease inspections, plan review, and consulting for disabled access compliance. We can help you with:

  • Accessibility reviews for existing facilities, which include the exterior and interior areas of your property and the accessible design of spaces including and not limited to restrooms, guest rooms, ramps, stairs, and parking spaces.
  • Plan reviews of design and construction documents to identify potential issues that can affect compliance.
  • Construction inspections at various stages, focusing on passage openings, accessible routes to the interior and exterior spaces and facilities, and clear floor/ground space, among other aspects.

We have advised clients on asphalt stall leveling; hall, lobby and restroom retrofitting; wheelchair access ramps; sidewalk access ramps; parking lot striping and signage; and all paths of travel compliance. ADA apart, we can also assist in checking compliance against state and local building codes relevant to accessibility.

You can reap financial advantages from implementing policies and practices that allow you to adapt to the changing landscape of ADA compliance. By involving our accessibility specialists in your guest room renovation or tenant improvement project, you can bring your property into compliance and keep lawsuits away.