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Over many years of renovating and improving hotel properties, we have incorporated project management practices that maximize value for customers. A combination of technical skills and proven management approaches allows us to satisfy project specifications, achieve cost control, and deliver top value.

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Stick to the plan

We execute a solid plan and follow it religiously. If we encounter an obstacle, we figure out a detour and get back on the plan. Effective planning helps us procure the right resources to keep the project going smoothly, stick to the schedule, know what’s at stake, and avoid scope creep.

Strict adherence to business procedures

We have a strict pre-qualification and bid process to onboard subcontractors. We lay the foundation for quality, accountability, and history with project documentation. Our consultation guidance, planning, and execution follow industry standards and practices.

Systematic on-site supervision

We employ proven practices for hands-on project supervision and management in adherence to health and safety guidelines. We conduct regular on-site inspections and keep your project on track without disrupting your facility’s operations. Our team has backup plans to respond proactively to delays and defects.

A strategic approach to project controls

Contractor and supply chain productivity is directly linked to time management. Data silos and a lack of real-time communication between teams hamper project performance. We harness digitization and ensure real-time access to project data, enabling all project partners to spot potential problems, raise productivity levels, and deliver great work.

Supported by reliable software and systems

We have invested in technology solutions to ensure that all vital and routine project tasks are executed efficiently and auditable. We use top-rated software for estimation, scheduling, cost management, bid management, and project management. It translates to greater accuracy, predictability, and efficiency, helping us deliver to deadlines and budget on every project.

Up-to-date with trends and solutions

The evolving construction industry offers opportunities for improvement, innovation, and value enhancement. We have cultivated a growth mindset to adjust to new realities and keep pace with changing customer requirements. We have the advantage of experience, but we’re also young at heart and embrace trends, technologies, and complexities to emerge wiser and stronger.

Obsessed with details

A hotel renovation project has many moving parts. It is easy to focus so intently on the big picture that you lose sight of the small details. When the project falls through the cracks, the blunder of not paying attention to the small things shows up. The Comren team has worked on several projects to gain a balanced view of project management and manage the small details critical to project success.

Realistic expectations

Approved project scope and realistic milestones help ensure cost control while keeping stress away for the project owner and key stakeholders. Our experience in value engineering and constructability review enables us to set the right expectations and spearhead projects with clear direction and goal-setting.

Professional and ethical minded

We integrate accountability into all our procedures and processes and expect the same from sub-contractors. We engage in proactive and constructive communication with all project owners. We listen actively and collaborate to solve problems efficiently.