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Fulfilling Your Hotel Renovation Needs Since 1992

Since 1992, Comren has shaped design vision into successful renovations. We have worked with hotels like Hilton and Marriott, improving guest room renovations in California exactly to requirements.

A preferred general contractor for hotels in California, we are well-resourced to review, plan, and deliver projects on-time and within budget. We are also consulted for pre-construction and have performed a risk assessment for several hotels.

Our team

  • Estimators
  • Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators

We hire and engage only the best, ensuring that your project benefits from the skills, experience, and reasoned judgment of professionals with hotel industry expertise. Rest assured that your project is in good hands.

comren logo for hotel renovation in california
Guest room Renovation in California
Guest room Renovation in California
Guest room Renovation in California
Guest room Renovation in California

A Full-Service General Contractor

An extensive remodel calls for a general contractor who can manage the entire project lifecycle, and provide insights to all stages of the building process, from pre-construction through post-construction and tenant services.

If your project requires many different subcontractors and multiple permits, our experience and knowledge can help you smooth over complexities, manage risks effectively, and extract the value you seek.

Given our nearly 30 years of experience serving hotels nationwide, we completed projects similar to your renovation. We have navigated complexities, compliance hurdles, and budget crunches. We have a finger on the pulse of the latest construction innovations and trends, moving with the times, and catering to your evolving needs.

We conduct a risk assessment to determine the type and level of supervision required. We provide you all details of on-site supervision so you know who will supervise, how much supervision is needed, how supervision will occur, and other considerations. The team in charge of planning supervision has extensive experience planning and allocating work, monitoring performance and compliance, and managing worker’s health and safety.

All construction activities take place in adherence to OSHA’s operating procedures and health and safety standards. We have managed chaotic and busy worksites, and have experience responding wisely to unforeseen circumstances. Besides physical monitoring, we also use labor management tools to verify worker’s documents and control site access.

Sharpening Your Competitive Advantage

More and more, guests are becoming accustomed to high-end amenities and features, even in budget hotels. Mid-range and luxury hotels are facing the need to keep up with evolving customer expectations. Beyond curb appeal and Instagram-worthy interiors, hotels are investing in energy efficiency and sustainability.

Comren is well-positioned to assist with hotel and guest room renovation for California that embraces modernity. We have the training, credentials, and connections to realize your bold and innovative design vision.

  • As a LEED Green Associate, we possess a firm understanding of sustainable design principles and practices. We can provide comprehensive support for your sustainability-focused renovation.
  • A network of top subcontractors in their niche is waiting to enhance every facet of your guest room upgrade. If you’re aiming for a unique and stylish aesthetic for your Tarzana or Washington DC hotel, you will appreciate what we bring to the table.
  • When the requirement is to add to your existing site or decrease/increase your guest areas, we can provide expert modular construction professionals and insights. Modular construction has emerged as a popular choice to cut costs, integrate eco-friendly features, and more easily meet established timelines and budgets.

Reporting and Reviews

Construction projects deal with a large volume of data, needing robust project management that can support extensive reporting requirements. We have perfected our reporting and review system over the years, assuring:

  • Transparency and accuracy, with no discrepancies or redundant informationv
  • Clearly defined, easy to understand objectives useful to decision-making
  • Alignment of timing and frequency of project reports to your dates, and at established intervals and milestones

Quality Assurance

Our planned and systematic approach to construction activities embeds quality into your project from the get-go. We document construction activities to keep tabs on quality commitments, set benchmarks, and work on opportunities for improvements. Across small and large projects, we ensure a specific service is provided or system installed to the highest industry standards.

A Trusted Interior General Contractor

Whether you operate hotels in Tarzana, California, or Washington DC, our vast subcontractor and supplier networks can help create an integrated renovation plan and execute it to perfection. We can be your one-stop company for major services and capabilities, from budgeting, value engineering, and PIP compliance, to city permitting, full lifecycle project management, and FF&E installation.

Highly Collaborative and Goal-Focused

We work with your architect, in-house team, and all stakeholders to keep your project on track and costs on target. We monitor forecasts closely and keep you informed of project progress at agreed-upon intervals. Integrity is embedded in every aspect of our operations, a reason why we enjoy the long-term support of contractors.

Our team works dedicatedly to achieve project milestones. Together, we can create exceptional guest rooms that serve as excellent investments for your business.

Outstanding Craftsmanship and Client Service

Talk to us about your requirements. We’re happy to share more information on our services and portfolio for guest room renovation in California.