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Comren Inc. - General Hotel Contracting

Renovating your guest rooms or hotel interiors is never easy. Your project needs to be completed on-time, and on-budget. Also, the work needs to be carried out with minimal disruption to your existing operations.

Since 1992, the Comren team has been helping hotels execute efficient renovations. Our in-house estimators, project managers, project coordinators, and interior general contractors in California have overseen projects for Hilton and Marriott.

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Interior General Contractor in California
Interior General Contractor in California
Interior General Contractor in California
Interior General Contractor in California

A Trusted General Contractor Offering Full-Service Construction Management

Large hotels have chosen us for their large-scale interior renovations. We operate out of Tarzana, California, and serve hotel owners nationwide. Our commitment to quality and service has enabled us to not just stay in business for so many years, but also thrive and grow our footprint to the east coast.

Across pre-construction, bidding, and construction, we work as an extension of your team. Our in-house professionals provide advice and guidance at all stages of your project. You can hand over the reins of your project to us or consult us during pre-construction or bidding. We’re happy to share our expertise with you.

We bring benefits to the turnkey project management structure, taking on the responsibility and risks of completing your project. Only reliable subcontractors participate in your renovation. We exercise firm control in pricing your project and ensure top-quality materials and workmanship. We seek out new partnerships with quality construction industry service providers.

An Integrated Team Delivering Highest-Quality Comprehensive Services

We provide hotel renovations, pre-construction, PIP contracting, and ADA consulting. We can expertly help plan and tie together all aspects of your project, from design to closeout. Full project lifecycle management is our forte. Your hotel is ready to delight customers when we turn in the keys to you.

The subcontractors on your project work as a cohesive team. Several professionals come together under one contract to deliver top value. We monitor workflow carefully, emphasizing teamwork, and collaboration to achieve project milestones one after another. We map out all tasks and provide accurate estimates. No matter the scope of your project, we ensure that there are no trade-offs between time, cost, and quality.

Modern, Technology-Driven, and Accountable

The Comren team leverages the best technology solutions to promise speed and service excellence. Our project management software provides up-to-the-minute updates on your project’s progress. Transparency across the entire construction process is assured, from monitoring on-site progress to all pertinent documentation.

Our communication with all stakeholders is based on the process of acknowledging messages and clarifying issues before starting any work on your project. This allows everyone to stay on the same page and execute with the big picture in mind. Our experienced project coordinator has planned, organized, and directed the activities of large-scale construction projects. The countless tasks are managed efficiently and everything is under control at all times.

Constructability Review and Technical Planning

We can review your project plans to address areas of risk, pinpoint feasibility issues, and identify areas of cost savings, among other useful information. We provide value engineering feedback and conduct a “what if” analysis. This preliminary review can help you launch a successful bid and avoid costly rework.

Building Customer-Oriented Spaces

Comren has worked on diverse projects. We apply lessons and takeaways from our experiences to improve continuously and amplify value where possible. New materials, technology, and design innovations are enabling hotel owners to meet evolving customer expectations. We have traced this evolution and possess deep knowledge of traditional and modern design and construction practices.

We Assure Safety and Sustainability

Any new construction or major renovation must comply with local building codes. We are familiar with local building codes and permitting processes. We have worked with several municipal jurisdictions and always adhered to stringent local requirements on how and where structures can be renovated.

As a LEED AP, we’re designated by the US Green Building Council as proficient in the most current green building practices. If your interior renovation includes sustainability-focused updates, our interior general contractor in California can provide credible assistance.

Thorough Project Closeout

Project closeout remains at the back of our mind during the construction process. We document everything on the job and make them easily accessible to you. We stay on top of the administrative work, ensuring seamless client handover every time.

A General Contractor
with Core Benefits
You Can Depend On

  • Extensive experience as a general contractor for the hospitality industry
  • We specialize in hotel renovations and tenant improvements
  • A reliable partner for large hotels
  • Skilled project management, coordination, and liaison
  • A track record of completing projects on-time, on-budget with minimal disruption to guests and staff
  • We provide expertise at all stages of hotel development, from constructability review and scheduling to bid package review, quantity takeoffs, and accessibility review

Would you like to get more acquainted with our work? Talk to us or drop us a line to understand if we’re a great fit for your project.