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Why Should You Choose Comren?

Comren has spent close to three decades renovating and re-branding hotels across America. We are preferred hotel PIP contractors in California for the country’s finest hotel chains. We implement property improvement plans that elevate guest satisfaction and revenue performance.

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Hotel PIP Contractors in California
Hotel PIP Contractors in California
Hotel PIP Contractors in California
Hotel PIP Contractors in California

Experienced PIP contractor for large hotels

The amount of work required to bring a hotel in compliance with brand standards varies quite substantially. A clear understanding of the renovation process and capital cost is essential before making a purchase commitment.

We can help you estimate the cost of renovation and provide insights on negotiating with the seller if the PIP costs are higher than expected. You can talk to the seller about making adjustments to the sale price, and secure a fair deal.

Specialize in hotel renovations

We have renovated properties for world-renowned, multinational hotel chains. Our guest room renovation and custom alterations for tenant improvements have contributed to our customer’s bottom line.

As your hotel PIP contractors in California, we can achieve economies of scale and confirm costs at the outset of the project. Our other core service is general contracting, allowing us to estimate costs to a high degree of accuracy and help ensure that scope creep is kept to a minimum.

Turnkey construction management

Our in-house team of estimators, project coordinators, and project managers set the ball rolling on negotiations with contractors. We monitor your project regularly, promoting constant communication and collaboration among all stakeholders.

From budget management and scheduling to quantity takeoffs and lead time management, we provide comprehensive services. We deal honestly and transparently, entering into agreements that don’t put you at a disadvantage.

Quality control and management

Even minor defects may require reconstruction and disrupt facility operations. Quality management begins at the design and planning stages. After construction has commenced, quality control is about ensuring conformance to the original design and planning decisions.

The initial attraction of low-ball contractors fades away when you consider the costs of mistakes and rework. You must keep your PIP quality-focused. Our relationships with the finest hotel subcontractors and suppliers go a long way in maintaining consistently high standards of quality and efficiency.

On-time completion

PIP contracts tend to be aggressive to put pressure on contractors to finish the work on time or pay for delays. Our efficient planning and project management always manages to meet deadlines even in challenging situations. Our value engineering experience allows us to make smart decisions proactively.

A PIP is an expensive initiative - Making informed decisions is vital

Maintaining consistent branding is undoubtedly beneficial for hotel chains, but it is also financially burdensome for their franchisees. Other than the cost of carrying out renovations, any loss incurred with the disruption to business, and evolving standards, require hotels to make changes that may not be economically viable.

At the same time, non-adherence to brand standards can result in hefty fines for franchisees. Our hotel PIP contractors in California have probably worked on similar projects and have a diverse PIP portfolio. We can help you stay up to date and avoid economic losses.

Comren is well-positioned to provide the insights, guidance, and services necessary to ensure compliance minus the exorbitant costs. We execute with skill and work with uncompromising values.

Your property improvement may cover multiple years of work. We brainstorm with you to schedule work intelligently. Where possible, we try to isolate renovations from guests. For instance, we can plan the renovation to coincide with the low season.

Make astute decisions on renovations. Understand what works and what is untenable. Meet PIP standards without any adverse financial impact. Drop us a line to learn more about how we can help you improve the asset value of your hotel.